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Redline MicroBurst 100 Capsules
VPX Sports redline micro burst 100 capsule bottle

Redline MicroBurst 100 Capsules

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Redline Microburst Dietary Supplement

MICRO-BURST’s Tri-Action, Liquid & Microtab Delivery innovation is Biotechnology exclusive to VPX. First, the clear faster-acting liquid delivers sub-micron active compounds into your body within seconds. With a high-speed shearing blade process, VPX reduces active particles to a weight of less than one micron. These advanced liquid phase pharmacokinetics result in ultra-fast absorption making it an ideal dietary supplement. After the liquid actives are released, the specially engineered Blue & White Microtabs bypass the high acid (low pH) environment of the stomach, consequently, minimizing digestive degradation for a natural diet.

Potent Neuro-Energy Multi-State Release Caps

The high pH alkaline environment of the intestines trigger the Blue & White Microtabs to burst open and go to work within minutes to flood the body with potent fat incinerating factors. When all other fat burners fail, MICRO-BURST Blue & White Microtabs release steadily into the system for up to three hours as proven by dissolution studies in VPX’s state of the art laboratories! MICRO-BURST unleashes: “The world’s most cutting edge active compounds infused into the world’s most cutting edge Tri-Action delivery system!” By volume and by design VPX has developed the most advanced liquid fat incineration innovations in the history of sports and performance nutrition! MICRO-BURST is so advanced, yet, can be easily understood by the trademarked mantra: Faster Acting! Stronger Stacking! Longer Lasting!™
Redline Xtreme RTD 24/Pk
Redline Xtreme RTD 24/Pk
The Ultimate Energy Rush
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Shotgun 5X 20 Servings
Shotgun 5X 20 Servings

The Original Shotgun Pre-Workout Forumla

  • Meltdown/Redline-Induced Fat Loss
  • Muscle Fullness & Blood-Engorged Pumps
  • Optimize Strength, Power, Endurance & Recuperation
Synthesize 20 Servings
Synthesize 20 Servings

Post-Workout Designed For Muscle Recovery & Growth

Bang Energy Shots 12/Pk