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100% Beef Aminos 400 Tablets
universal nutrition 100% beef aminos 400 tablets

100% Beef Aminos 400 Tablets

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For gaining raw muscle mass, beef is king. 100% Beef Aminos is a high potency blend of superior beef amino acids derived from the highest quality beef protein isolate, beef albumin concentrate and Argentine beef liver. It contains a full spectrum of highly concentrated amino acids as well as many other necessary and essential nutrients, harnessing the anabolic potential of beef, ideal support for your muscle building endeavors. DOSAGE: As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets with each meal to help increase the amino acid content of the meal or take in between meals to help supply a steady flow of quality amino acids into your body.

Key Features:

• Sustained Released Aminos
• Pure Beef Isolate
• Beef Albumin
• Argentine Beef Liver


For bodybuilders looking to easily supplement their diets with the potent amino acid profile native to beef.