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Broken Arrow 30 Servings
Repp Sports Broken Arrow Pre-Workout Rainbow 30 Servings

Broken Arrow 30 Servings

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Broken Arrow Pre-Workout - PURE RESULTS

Broken Arrow draws from the power of cutting edge ingredients to deliver an explosive workout experience. Due to the engulfing energy contained within a single serving, Broken Arrow is only recommended for advanced stimulant users.

The formulation and science behind Broken Arrow brings you a high intensity powerhouse consisting of over 11 clinically backed ingredients. When it came down to compiling the set standard for Broken Arrow, we wanted to formulate a product meant for muscle building and pure energetic effects to help sustain levels during the most intense workouts.


Often times, the pre-workout market is completely oversaturated by non-transparent proprietary blends that do next to nothing. We weren’t going to cut corners at REPP Sports, we were completely focused on building a pre-workout that can help boost mental focus, increase muscular endurance and provide skin splitting pumps all at the same time.

There’s a reason why Broken Arrow was recently named the best pre-workout with potent effects that assists all individuals with crushing their workouts and maintaining consistent energy levels to help reduce the dreaded crash or inevitable glycogen depletion that stems from intense training sessions.

REPP Sports was built behind the “No BS” mentality, just pure supplements with exceptional results and effects.


Our limited edition attachment to the Broken Arrow family, Hail Storm, was completely transformed by the addition of our patented ingredient, CitraFuze™.

This specific ingredient will change the way you forever look at pre-workouts with its intense mental focus and energy attributes.

Key Features:
  • Increase physical output†
  • Fuel muscle cells†
  • Explosive energy & focus†
  • Long lasting pumps†
  • Fast-acting†