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Glutamine Drive 300 Grams
nutrex glutamine drive 300 grams

Glutamine Drive 300 Grams

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Reduces muscle breakdown. Five grams of pure L-glutamine to quickly replenish muscle glutamine, helps reduce muscle breakdown caused by training, diet, and stress, enhances muscle recovery and supports muscle tissue growth, ideal for daily consumption, unflavored so it can be added to any sports drink. 

Glutamine is a vital amino acid and accounts for 60% of all amino acids in muscle tissue. Regular intense training , dieting and stress deplete your muscles natural glutamine stores. This process breaks down muscle tissue. The ability to reverse it by recovering from training and repairing muscle tissue at an accelerated pace is crucial to building up muscle and strength. 

Supplementing with extra L-Glutamine helps maintain high muscular glutamine levels which in turn reduces muscle breakdown and speeds up muscle tissue repair. Regular consumption of L-Glutamine helps maximize your muscle building results. Glutamine Drive consists of pure L-glutamine.