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MCT Oil 16 oz
Nutrakey mct oil 16 oz liquid

MCT Oil 16 oz

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Weight loss aid. 100% coconut sourced. Sustain energy. Pure coconut. Keto friendly. Healthy energy. Weight management. Caprylic & capric acids. Non gmo. Gluten free. Sugar free. Bpa free. Paraben free. Dye free. 100% sustained & natural energy made from coconuts. Fuel for energy: medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a source of clean fuel for the body. MCTs can be found naturally in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and various dairy products. Supplementing with MCT oil can provide a healthy source of energy for metabolism and is especially useful for calorie restricted diets. 

Weight management: MCTs are easily digested and offer immediate fuel for energy rather than becoming calories stored as fat. Using MCT oil as fuel can help satisfy cravings. MCT oil can be easily added to your daily routine as a source of clean fuel! MCT oil is great for: coffee - add a serving of MCT oil in your morning coffee for sustained energy. Smoothies - improve the nutritional profile of your smoothie by adding MCT oil. Foods - add a healthy boost to your foods by substituting traditional cooking oils with MCT oil.

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