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Psychotic Test 30 Servings
Insane Labz Psychotic Test 30 Servings

Psychotic Test 30 Servings

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Insane Psychotic Test - Pre Workout and Test Boosting Powerhouse

Based on the reveiws, you'd think there would be no way to make PSYCHOTIC - the BEST energy preworkout in the world - better. 1) Understandable and 2) Challenge accepted! We've combined our best energy, pump, test, and focus ingredients to create the most COMPLETE preworkout formula available anywhere - guaranteed to give you an edge!
This unique formula works synergistically to provide you with insane pumps and energy, while also aiding your muscles in post-workout growth.  Get the newest addition to the PSYCHOTIC family today and go insane in the gym!

Key Features:

  • ENERGY. With an all-new Energy matrix, Psychotic TEST is the ultimate high-stimulant pre-workout that will push the limits of every workout.
  • TEST. The unique testosterone boosting matrix featuring D- Aspartic Acid, Chlorophytum Extract, and our patented AMPitest, allows your muscles to keep growing long after your workout has ended.
  • SIZE. Featuring an industry best testosterone boosting matrix, Psychotic TEST has your muscles growing long after your workout has finished.

Caffeine content from all sources: 300mg
Psychotic Gold 35 Servings
Psychotic Gold 35 Servings
Pre-Workout with The Pump

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