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Stimul8 Hardcore 30 Servings
Finaflex stimul8 hardcore preworkout sour tsunami 30 servings

Stimul8 Hardcore 30 Servings

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FINAFLEX STIMUL8 HARDCORE is an Xtreme Super Pre-Workout built to promote extreme energy, pump, and endurance during workouts! The unique STIMUL8 HARDCORE formula is powered by an exotic blend of energy and performance-enhancing ingredients designed to deliver the results you need to make it through even the most difficult activities.*

Game Changing Formula

Unlike STIMUL8 Original, STIMUL8 HARDCORE features L-Citrulline Malate, a unique blend of amino acids clinically studied to delay time to fatigue so you can maintain your energy levels throughout your entire workout. In one study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, athletes given this supplement saw spark in oxidative ATP production during exercise by up to 34 percent. With more ATP available to use as energy, your muscles have the power to lift more weight for a longer time. L-Citrulline Malate is loaded with tons of other benefits including relieving muscle soreness for a speedy recovery, increased strength, and serves as a catalyst for muscle protein synthesis. 


- Energy That Lasts 3.5X Longer Than Caffeine
- Increased Blood Flow
- Increased Oxygen Flow
- Kickstart Adrenaline
- Maintain Muscle Mass
- Burn More Fat

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