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PX Hardcore 60 Capsules
Finaflex PX Hardcore 60 Capsules

PX Hardcore 60 Capsules

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Super Thermogenic For Energy And Weight Control

FINAFLEX PX HARDCORE is an Xtreme Super Thermogenic designed to promote energy and thermogenesis throughout the day! Built with a blend of exotic natural stimulants, PX HARDCORE supports extreme clean energy for hours, making it the perfect option for anyone trying to lose weight and see HARDCORE results!*

Make Every Meal Count

Turn your body into a nutrient-manipulation machine. Squeeze out every last bit of energy from the food you're already eating and rewire your body to hi-jack proteins, fats, and carbs in a whole new way. This advanced combination of natural ingredients is perfectly balanced to give your metabolism a "mind of its own." Speed up your metabolism!* PX HARDCORE is perfect for anyone who is trying to stop needless snacking and lose weight!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Conquer the gym with a laser focus to instantly knock out more reps at heavier weights. Never train distracted again when you use PX HARDCORE! The caffeine in this unique formula acts as a stimulant to help you focus on and achieve your fitness goals!

Preserve and Build Muscle

Our patent pending blend of exotic stimulants that made STIMUL8 so effective can now be found in PX HARDCORE! IrisinXD™is made up of beta 2 adrenergic agonists that increase strength, power, and endurance on a cellular level. This powerful new combo has been used in various studies to show a significant decrease in fat and a significant increase in exercise capacity. 


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