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EAA Hardcore 30 Servings
Finaflex eaa harcore lit lemon-lime 30 servings

EAA Hardcore 30 Servings

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High Performance Amino's, Energy, and Cuts

The unparalleled EAA HARDCORE™ formula is powered by Essential Amino Acids (EAA), Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), L-Glutamine for recovery, L-Arginine for pumps, and features a cutting matrix designed to support increased energy, weight loss, and cuts!

Explosive Energy 

EAA HARDCORE is reserved for those looking to send their workouts and taste buds into hyperdrive. Destroy your workouts with unmatched energy and unstoppable drive. Discover the feeling of having the endurance to last the whole day without feeling jittery or crashing when the workout's done. 

Explosive Flavor

You may never crave candy again after experiencing the burst of fruity flavors available in this powerful blend of pre-workout. Choose from 2 outrageous flavors: Psycho Peach and Lit Lemon Lime to send your taste buds to flavor paradise without any sugar or carbs! Prepare to be blown away at how tasty and energizing an all natural workout can really be.  
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