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Karbolyn Hydrate 4 Lb
EFX Sports karbolyn hydrate powder 4 lb

Karbolyn Hydrate 4 Lb

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Energy, Power & Hydration In One Drink!

Rehydrate, Re-Energize and Restore!
Promotes Extended Energy
Contains a Specific Electrolyte Ratio of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Phosphate.
Features 25 Grams of Karbolyn
ZERO Sugar – ZERO Stimulants – No Gluten!
Mixes Instantly – Tastes Amazing
Tested Banned-Substance Free


Elite athletes know if they want to win, they have to push harder than the competition to achieve extreme levels of performance. When it comes to Sports Drinks, they don’t need one that’s sugar-overloaded with little performance value, they need one that's designed to help them win —Karbolyn Hydrate by All American EFX. Our R&D Team have outdone themselves with this amazing formula by creating the Ultimate Sports Drink – one that will help athletes rehydrate, slow fatigue, and rapidly restore the key electrolytes that are so critical for optimal performance.

Athletes don’t need sugar, what they need is real fuel if they want extended energy and endurance. Karbolyn Hydrate is 100% sugar-free, but it can drive you through your toughest workout, competition, or event – even if it requires sustained energy at optimal levels.

Elite-level performance demands that you are able to maintain the correct balance of key electrolytes. Unfortunately, those other Sports Drinks include way too much sodium which can negatively affect potassium levels. On the other hand, Karbolyn Hydrate contains a specific ratio of the 4 electrolytes that are required for optimal sports performance and complete recovery: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Phosphate.


Most every athlete has experienced “hitting the wall” during an intense training session or event. When your body’s fuel supply hits empty, it goes into ‘survival mode’, which ruins your performance, often when it really counts. One minute you’re performing at peak levels, before you know it, you can hardly move. It is without a doubt an athlete’s worst nightmare come true! For quite some time now, strength and performance athletes have been searching for the ideal “fuel” to help them achieve extended performance in the weight room or on the field – and they want to perform at their best! The search is over thanks to Karbolyn Hydration! This exciting product truly is the beginning of a new era in carbohydrate supplementation! The Karbolyn Hydration formula not only provides the 4 key Electrolytes, it also gives you 25 gram of the ultimate carbohydrate fuel: a special complex derived from potato, rice and corn that creates a high-performance carbohydrate compound that provides the benefits of both simple and complex carbs.

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