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Cellmass 2.0 50 Servings
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Cellmass 2.0 50 Servings

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Concentrated Post-Workout Recovery Matrix
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Post-Workout Recovery Formula Featuring Con-Cret®

CELLMASS® 2.0 is a concentrated post-workout recovery agent that helps promote recovery, endurance, strength and overall performance. When taken as directed, CELLMASS® 2.0's formula delivers 5g of creatine, 3g of glutamine and glutamic acid, and 10g of amino acids per day, along with taurine and hydrolyzed whey protein, all designed to help kick-start the recovery process after a workout.

Where Post-Workout Muscle Mass Begins!

Athletes who are adequately recovered from an intense training session are better prepared to excel in the following day's workout. Post workout, muscles are in a state of heightened stress and are working to recover and rebuild the damaged tissue, helping to pave the way for muscle protein synthesis, strength and athletic performance. CELLMASS® 2.0 is a versatile recovery product that can be stacked with your post-workout protein shakes or mixed directly into cold water. The refreshing fruit flavors are designed to complement BSN’s chocolate or vanilla protein powders and also taste great as a standalone supplement.